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C. Core Value

C, whose primary focus is SiP solution, has developed various solutions of memory MCP(multi chip package) for digital devices, such as DSC, DV, Smart phone, Feature phone and GPS. With the demands of miniature and system integration, CSP's mission is to consistently innovate advanced memory MCP solution and create value chain in SiP industry. In addition to relentless effort to improving the existing products, our engineers actively engage in research and development of better solutions for MCP. We are fully committed to the pursuit of customer satisfaction. C. is your first choice of multi chip package supplier. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.


Advantage of C. Memory MCP(Multi Chip Package)

  • Customized Design

  • C. has developed a series of standard memory MCP products. Unlike IDM companies, C. is a fabless designer and is more flexible on wafer resources. Therefore, C. can provide customized design according to customers' requirement.

  • System Integration

  • The complexity designing memory MCP(multi chip package) is in system integration. C. has cultivated in developing memory MCP and accumulated much experience in designing memory MCP for mobile phone and DSC platform.With CSP's support in system integration it will be easy for engineers to design.

  • Modulization

  • With designing C. memory MCP, it will be easily to manage product life cycle. Using modulization concept to shorten product design schedule.

    A Leader to Provide MCP Solution

    In May.08, C. was the world's first to announce the form factor 9x9mm MCP(multi chip package) of Nand flash+DDR/DDRII. To satisfy customers requirement of more design space and flexibility, C. keeps developing outstanding MCP and being the leader in MCP industry.

    C. MCP Benefits

    Product design with C. MCP(multi chip package) gives you below benifits:
    1.Save BOM cost
    2.Simplify design process

    Discrete & Multi Chip Package Comparison

    MCP Resources

    C. provides various combinations of Memory MCP. With strong memory resources, we can offer different density and flexible combinations. C. can design customized MCP products according to customer's request.
    Multi Chip Package Resources

    Application Field of Multi Chip Package

    Multi Chip Package in Smart Phone Multi Chip Package in IP Cane Multi Chip Package in DV

    Multi Chip Package in Mobile Phone Multi Chip Package in Digital Camera Multi Chip Package in Module