System in Package

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  • What's SiP?

  • SiP (System in Package) is defined as one that typically encompasses more than one active electronic component plus optional passives and other devices such as MEMS, sensor, assembled into a single standard package. One of the main attributes of SiP is its ability to integrate not only multiple technologies but also additional components such as passives, antennas, and so on to create fully functional subsystems.

  • Why SiP?

    1. Easy to combine different wafer process.
    2. High flexibility in system design.
    3. High efficiency for EMI reduction.
    4. Miniaturization on size.
    5. To avoid the long period of design cycle & functional verification.
    6. Some of IP (Intellectual Property) is not easy to be acquired, SiP can use proven wafer or packaged IC instead.

  • Why CSP?